Palace is the capital city of France and being the capital, it's filled with exciting, beautiful scenes which are attracting. The town has maintained beautiful landmarks, formal French gardens where people spend their leisure time and also it has the best art collections which make it be a magical place to spend your holiday. Additionally, the city has fashion stones which are designed by the best designers in the country. Paris has numerous beautiful scenes which will attract your attention. There are several tour packages, which gives one the choice to pick the best which will make you feel you spent the best time there.

However, their other sites which one must visit so that he may fill he had a satisfying tour. The Eiffel tower is the top tourist attraction which is a must see in Paris which is also the most talked about building worldwide. Tourist not only enjoys the architecture, but they also fall in love with the breathtaking views of the city from the top tower. The building also has some restaurants located on the second floor where one enjoys delicious meals and other meal accommodations like beverages. The building earlier was the tallest in the world before the Empire State Building took over.

There is a museum called Musee d'Orsay which host collections that represent great works and al impressionism masters. Most of the works found in the museum are from famous musicians. Also, those people who love arts, have to include the museum in their tour package which so that you may have a look at some of the most memorable pieces, for example, the Magpie. Visit to know more.

Also, in the palace city, you will be able to see the palace of Versailles which is stunning and good looking which is also the place where kings once lived. It has exciting interiors which are painted with beautiful colors and even the gardens on the outside add beauty to the palace making it worth to be visited. There is also a piece of art called Cathedrale Notre-Dame De Paris with a facade done in beautiful ornamental design which is completed with sculptures and flying buttresses. Its interior is made with exotic stained glasses for windows. The doorways also attract people as you make the entrance to the sanctuary. Also, there are numerous flickering candles which light the sanctuary, they make it have a feel and smell of holy serenity. Click for more.

Attraction Scenes In Paris